In the summer of 2011, David set out to create a pickle done differently. Sure, we all want good looks, strength, and to prevent scurvy, but what about great flavor? David started with the best cucumbers, then added garlic, arbol chiles, and a blend of 15-spices to create his Original Spicy Garlic Pickle. The late heat hit like a sucker punch, and SuckerPunch Gourmet was born! The proof is in our package. Pick up any of our 7 flavors, look at the bottom, and you’ll see our signature 15-spice blend. We call it the "lift and look", and it’s why our pickles deserve to be on the center of  your plate!

Today, we are in over 7,000 stores nationwide. We are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and use no High Fructose Corn Syrup. More than that, we are the most flavorful, crunchiest pickle on the market.  We expanded from Pickles to Bloody Mary Mix, Pickle Juice, and our most exciting innovation: Pickle Snack Packs. So whether it’s SuckerPunch in a jar on your top shelf or a snack pack on-the-go, we are committed to being the crunchiest, most delicious pickle you’ll ever eat.  That is pickles done differently!"