Three Types of Pickles You Should Try

Cutting board with word "Yum!" spelled with pickles

 Sometimes, we all get stuck in the same repeated routine without knowing it. Day after day, you eat the same old pickles for lunch, hoping they will bring you as much joy as they once did. When this happens, what can you do? My friend, it’s time to fight back! 

But, how do you land that perfect punch? The defining blow that defeats your same old routine once and for all? How do you reinvigorate the passion? How do you spice things up? At SuckerPunch, we took those questions to heart and made metaphor a reality. We rolled up our sleeves, took our best shot, literally spiced things up, and created the perfect pickle.

Our love of pickles is too great to stand idly by and mindlessly crunch into the same boring dills or basic bread and butters. Pickles should be the perfect complement to any sandwich, the pinnacle of afternoon snacks, and the pride of every charcuterie board. Now, your love for pickles is revived again because SuckerPunch brings the passion! 

SuckerPunch was founded because we grew increasingly tired of the same boring pickle options, and we wanted excitement back in our snacks. We’re here to reassure you, you just need some better pickles to reignite the passion. Here are some incredible types of pickles we think you should try.

#1 The Spice Of Life!

Experimentation is the spice of life, and that’s why spicy pickles are first on our list of pickles you should try. If you’ve never had a spicy pickle, you are depriving your tongue of a truly invigorating encounter.

There’s a common misconception that a spicy pickle is the same thing as a hot pickle. Spicy pickles don’t have to be too hot to handle to be a great pickle option; sometimes, a little kick goes a long way. While there are certainly pickle brands that push the envelope on how much heat is too much, SukerPunch has perfected the art of spicy pickles.

Options like our Spicy Garlic Chips and Fiery Heat Three Pepper Spears are crafted so that everyone from pepper heads to mild-mannered palates can enjoy a pickle that packs a punch. At SuckerPunch, we use a special 11-spice signature blend to turn hand-selected, farm-fresh organic cucumbers into the perfect pickle pepper-loving cucumber enthusiasts.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a supporter of spice, one bite of any of our spicy pickles will have you justifiably mowing through a jar of this satisfying snack. 

#2 The Power Of Sour

Remember when you were a kid, and you would try and see how much sour you could stand at once? Everything from licking lemons to challenging your friends to a contest of who could eat the sourest of sour candies brought electricity to your taste buds and excitement to your day.

At SuckerPunch, we believe that titillating your tastebuds and sending tingles all the way to your toes shouldn’t be limited to candies or citrus. While pickles aren’t supposed to be THAT sour, the sour flavor holds a special place in the pickle universe.

Chances are high that you’ve had a dill pickle before, but if your regular dill doesn’t make your lips pucker a little bit, you’re doing it wrong. That’s why SuckerPunch developed a better way to dill. Experience a powerful flavor that’s the real deal with the SuckerPunch Classic Dill Spears. You’ll quickly realize what your old boring dills have been missing.

#3 Sweet Treats With The Right Traits

If you have ever spit out a bread and butter pickle because it tastes like it was steeped in honey, you are not alone. Many modern pickle enthusiasts have soured on sweet pickles because they are often made with way too much sugar. Sweet pickles should be refreshingly sweet (and a little tart), not overbearingly sugary.

Take our Sweet Spiced Bread & Butter Pickles or Tangy Snap Sweet Onion Spears as two examples. A sweet pickle should never be so sweet that it could double as dessert, and these pickles know how to be sweet without being saccharine. The inclusion of our 11-spice signature blend ensures that even our sweetest pickles pack a little bit of a punch.

Too much sugar can be cloying and cumbersome, preventing the pickle from having a personality all its own. Keep your taste buds on their toes and give sweet pickles a second chance. Grab yourself one of SuckerPunch’s sweet pickle varieties and start snackin’ with passion. 

Picking The Right Pickle

Sometimes sampling a few different flavors is the best way to find your perfect pickle. SuckerPunch prides itself on creating the perfect pickle, regardless of palate preference. That’s why we offer pickles that range from sweet to spicy and a couple of flavors that are a little of both. Venturing off one's old ways can be difficult, but if you want to try something new, SuckerPunch is the way to go. When choosing the perfect pickle, you should have all the information necessary to decide; check out the history of pickles

Opening yourself up to new flavors of pickles is as easy as popping the lid on a new jar of SuckerPunch pickles. Step out of your comfort zone and start exploring our products at SuckerPunch today. 


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