6 Uses For Your Extra Pickle Juice

Pickle Juice
If you’re the type of person that drinks the juice from the pickle jar, we’re not judging. The juice actually has healing powers. It’s hydrating, is said to relieve muscle cramps, and has even been linked to weight loss.

But if you’re not into drinking it straight, we’ve got some other tasty suggestions of how you can put the leftover juice to good use. You don’t want to be wasteful, do you?

1. Pickled-brined fried chicken

Place chicken breasts in a Ziploc of pickle juice to brine overnight in the freezer. Then proceed as usual, and prepare to be blown away. Just add waffles and you’ve got yourself the perfect Sunday brunch.

Tip: You can use it to brine other types of meat as well!

2. Pickletini

Pickle vodka is actually a thing, but you can probably just create the same effect by pairing the two ingredients together in a martini. Try the following Pickletini recipe, sent to us by SuckerPunch fan Greg Clark.

1 oz high quality vodka
1-2 oz of SuckerPunch Gourmet pickle juice
1 oz seltzer water (optional)
Ice and a pickle for garnish

3. Pickleback Shot

We admit it. We sling these back a lot during football season, and they’re equally great whether our team wins or loses. Created in Brooklyn, NY, the pickleback shot has become quite the staple at bars in the last few years.

Here’s how it works: Pour one shot of your choice of whiskey, then pour a second shot glass of chilled SuckerPunch pickle juice. Take the whiskey shot first, then chase it with the pickle juice. If you’re not a big fan of shots, you’ll be shocked at how perfect this combo is. It really takes the edge off the whiskey.

4. Use it in salad dressing

Pickle juice is a great substitute for vinegar. Just add it to your favorite salad dressing recipes. You’ll feel great about it—not only are you not being wasteful, but you’re using it to eat healthy!

5. Pickle Pops

There’s a company that actually sells pickle pops, but you can save the money and make them at home with your SuckerPunch pickle juice. Pour the juice in Popsicle molds or ice trays, freeze, and you’ve got yourself a refreshing summer treat.

6. Try pickling

Once you’ve eaten all the pickles, toss some veggies, like carrots or onions, in the jar, let them sit for a few days, and you’ve got yourself a new, healthy snack!


SuckerPunch Gourmet pickles give your mouth a nice sucker punch! Try our spicy pickles in Bread n’ Better or Garlic Originals.

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