How To Make A Bloody Mary

A glass of Bloody Mary cocktail next to a bottle of SuckerPunch Bloody Mary Mix

Ever since "Brunch" became a verb, the quest for the perfect Bloody Mary has been an ongoing search. Well, call us the Sherlock Holmes of Bloody Mary’s because we uncovered the secret to the perfect bloody mary. 

Trust us; it’s not as simple as throwing a bit of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, tabasco sauce, and a celery stalk in a glass, and calling it a day. The perfect bloody mary requires a stiff (and we mean stiff) pour of your favorite vodka, a stick of celery, and an ever-so-perfectly concocted bloody mary mix. Fortunately for you, SuckerPunch already has the best bloody mary mix around. And we're not just saying that; we have the awards to prove that our products are the best... subtle brag. 

That's right, folks, SuckerPunch Bloody Mary mix is straight-up award-winning. Our knockout bloody mary mix is lauded as the best tasting vegan bloody mary recipe by some of the industry’s best palates, and frankly, we’re obliged to agree. 

Crafting a bloody mary is an easy feat when you have SuckerPunch in your corner. Especially when you have two punchin’ options to choose from; Original Blend and Bold & Spicy. You’ll easily make a name for yourself as the best brunch bartender on this side of the Mississippi.  

Classic For A Reason

SuckerPunch's Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix is a bon vivant’s twist on the classic bloody mary flavor. Sure, we use the monotonous ingredients that all bloody’s have to keep this mix a classic, but we also toss in a few key variations to mastermind an amplified flavor that will make your bloody marys top notch. 

At SuckerPunch, we like to consider ourselves maestros of making the classics seem fresh and intriguing. You know, the dill pickle was once called boring, but after we added our signature 11-spice blend and a whole lot of garlic (your tastebuds will thank us, your breath may not), the new and improved Garlic Dill Pickle was born.  

We took the same template we used for elevating the dill pickle and turned our sights toward our favorite intoxicant: the bloody mary. We still included the same 11-spice blend that we use in our pickles, but then we took even further. Dare we say it... we did what no bloody mary connoisseur has done before - we added pureed Garlic Dill Pickles. 

This gourmet bloody mary recipe packs the perfect punch for a full-flavored bloody mary cocktail that will leave you refreshed and satiated. Whether you’re cheersing your mates at a Sunday brunch, sweating over a summertime barbecue, or need a little hair-of-the-dog in the early morning (we’re not judgin’), SuckerPunch Bloody Mary mix is well suited for any occasion. 

Let's Spice It Up!

Even a fresh take on a classic isn't always enough to rouse the weary. This is exactly why SuckerPunch has a second bloody mary mix for those who feel like adding a little extra heat and hair on their chest.  

Grab A Garnish

A bloody mary this good deserves to be adorned with delectable garnishes. Our pickles make incredible cocktail toppers, ideal for adding just the right amount of crunch to your liquid lunch. 

Try turning up the heat with a Fiery Heat Three Pepper Spear with jalapeno, or if your tastebuds can’t tango, add something sweet with a slice of Tangy Snap Sweet Onion. Whatever you’re craving, our pickles are the perfect counter to the bold flavor of our knockout bloody mary mixes.

If you must embellish your bloody mary further,  we suggest adding pickled asparagus, a celery stalk, pickled okra, or a lime wedge or lemon wedge. Or, better yet, layer on the grease and plunge a few pieces of bacon into the glass. 

What Goes Into A SuckerPunch Bloody Mary?

While we can't give you the exact recipe (sorry, it’s sealed and secured in a top secret vault), we can enlighten you with a list of the ingredients that go into our Bloody Mary Mix. Believe it or not, all of that flavor is packed into only seven ingredients. However, each ingredient plays a pivotal role in shaping the culinary triumph inside every bottle of SuckerPunch Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix. We did the hard part, but now it’s up to you to master the mix to mixer ratio so you can create the perfect Bloody Mary every time.    

Tomato Paste - The non-negotiable base for any bloody mary mix, a tomato paste is smooth and creamy with a rich tomato flavor. A proper tomato paste should obviously be absent of tomato chunks, ensuring that the bloody mary drinks like a cocktail instead of chugging a jar of marinara. While the tomato flavor should be amplified by the other spices and ingredients of the mix, the tomato flavor paste serves as the bloody mary flavor baseline. A canvas on which the rest of the flavors mingle and interact, tomato paste is a dominant ingredient in this vegan, award-winning bloody mary mix. 

SuckerPunch Signature Garlic Pickles - The pride of Suckerpunch and the heavyweight champion of our hearts, these loaded contenders are what put SuckerPunch on the map. Made with a whole lot of garlic and our signature 11 spice blend, our Spicy Garlic pickles have the perfect kick. While others may use hot sauce or horseradish (boring), SuckerPunch uses our Garlic Pickles to achieve a bolder spice with less heat. The combination of intense flavor without the eye-watering tongue scorched heat is what separates our bloody mary from the pack. 

SuckerPunch Signature 11 Spice Blend - The SuckerPunch signature 11 spice blend is the basis for most of what we do at SuckerPunch. This signature flavor is what gives our pickles their kick, our mixes their moxy, and our entire line of gourmet products the punch we package and deliver to you. While we'd love to tell you more about what the spices are, we're afraid we're not at liberty to discuss the finer points of our top-secret recipe. We're not trying to be cagey or coy about it; we're just protecting the defining characteristic of our entire brand. You get it…

Distilled Vinegar - Ever wonder why some bloody marys just don't have the right bite? They probably don't have any vinegar. Potentially unexpectedly, vinegar is an essential part of giving the bloody mary the right flavor and consistency. Besides being an acidic counterpoint to the tomato paste, vinegar also thins out the bloody mary without making it too watery. It has the tangy bite that you need to stand up to the other bold flavors of a superb bloody mary while acting as a crucial anticoagulant.

Water - Sure, it's not the sexiest ingredient, but water is an important component of a good bloody mary mix. We know that nobody wants a watery bloody, but hear us when we say, a good bloody mary needs a little bit of water. Not only does water slightly dilute what would otherwise be an intense concentrate, but it also helps the vinegar do its job in thinning the mixture. 

Garlic Powder - Perhaps naming this as a separate ingredient gives you an idea of what is (or isn't…) in our 11 spice blend, but we'll leave that speculation up to you. The truth is garlic powder is an entirely separate and unique ingredient from our 11 spice blend, and it is crucial to the flavor of our gourmet bloody mary mix. In case you haven't realized it yet, at SuckerPunch, we have an excessive fondness of garlic!

Salt - The final ingredient in our bloody mary mix is the franchise quarterback of seasonings. If you were drafting spices, herbs, and the like, salt would be the undisputed number one overall pick. Salt is crucial for dialing in the flavor of a good bloody mary mix. You could say salt is the glue that holds all these flavors together. Before salt arrives at the party, it's just flavor mayhem and culinary anarchy. Salt not only settles everything down but also gets the other flavors to work together in harmony. What's left is the best damn bloody mary mix you've ever tasted.

The Eighth Ingredient!?

At this point, you may be wondering, how are there only seven ingredients in SuckerPunch's gourmet bloody mary mix, but there are two variations? Great question! It's true; our gourmet bloody mary mix comes in two knockout flavors. The first is our Original Blend made with all the ingredients you just read about. The second is our Bold and Spicy flavor made with all the ingredients you just read about, plus one hot addition...Ghost Pepper.

That's right, our Bold and Spicy mix uses the boldest, spiciest pepper on earth. Before you start sweating bullets, there's nothing to be nervous about. Our Bold and Spicy only uses a small trivial, yet prime amount of Ghost Pepper, so while incredibly bold and delightfully spicy, it's not too much to handle.

Let's Make A Batch!

With SuckerPunch making the best Bloody Mary you've ever had is as simple as following the instructions on the back of the bottle. Whether you're making a big pitcher for your booze-flowing brunch or a single drink for yourself, the recipe is four parts SuckerPunch Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix and one part vodka. Ditch the bloody mary bar, grab your cocktail shaker and a highball glass and you're ready to concoct the bloody mary of your breakfast dreams. We don't just make delicious bloody marys with knockout flavor; we make them easy to make. 

So the next time someone asks you how you made such a delicious Bloody Mary, feel free to spin a yarn about how your grandfather perfected his recipe and passed it down through the generations. Or, you could just tell the truth; we'd certainly appreciate the vote of confidence. After all, you still had to be savvy enough to go pick up a bottle, and that's worth as much as any silly secret recipe. Are you interested in more recipes? Check out our blog and learn how to make the perfect dill pickle martini, dill pickle grilled cheese, and more. 

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